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Hands-on solutions for swelling, surgical trauma, and chronic medical conditions. Via Medical Massage practitioners hold advanced training in lymphatic, oncology, and rehabilitative therapies, and offer an extraordinary fusion of healing arts with evidence-based interventions.

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Our goal is to be a vital member of your health care team and a trusted resource that goes above and beyond to help you heal and thrive.

Beyond Relaxation

We have devoted our careers to treating and solving musculoskeletal pain and injury through a unique combination of medical and rehabilitative massage therapies. We hold dual licensure in other allied health professions and have the certified lymphedema therapist designation. Our mission is to become better therapists daily to give our patients a faster and more complete recovery. In addition to our state-of-the-art approach, we strive to provide a comfortable environment full of compassion, friendliness, and fun. Get ready to experience the best massage therapy the area has to offer.

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Lymphatic Drainage

Reduce swelling due to trauma, injury, or lymphatic disorders

Post-Operative Massage

Post-surgical scar tissue release, fibrosis massage, and pain management

Therapeutic Massage

Manage a variety of pain syndromes, reduce stress, and improve movement

Pre & Postpartum Massage

Reduce pain and swelling associated with pregnancy, manage c-section scarring, and improve lactation

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Proudly serving patients from the following oncology, surgical, and OBGYN practices:


Cancer Partners of Nebraska, Nebraska Cancer Specialists, Nebraska Hematology and Oncology, The Fred and Pamela Buffett Cancer Center, Radiation Oncology Consultants, Bryan Heath and CHI.


Plastic Surgical Arts, Jacobson Cosmetic Surgery, Popp Cosmetic Surgery, Finkle Cosmetic Surgery Center, Omaha Face, Imagen Cosmetic Surgery, Orthonebraska, Prairie Orthopaedics, Nebraska Orthopaedic Center, General Surgical Associates, and AMI Surgery Center.


Gynecology and fertility PC, Women’s health care center of williamsburg, women’s clinic of lincoln PC, Bryan women’s care physicians, New Life obstetrics and gynecology, Lincoln OB/GYN.

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